Our aims

two42 has been set-up to operate in an environmentally and socially conscientious way, thus having minimal negative impact on the environment and preventing human exploitation.


In order to fulfil both of these aims, we undertake to:


  • Obtain raw materials from low impact, environmentally aware sources; these include but are not limited to recycled materials, FSC certified paper, renewable energy, etc
  • Obtain raw materials in an ethical manner, such as Fair Trade.
  • A Fair Price for raw materials as well as final products that represent a fair days pay for a fair days work. In other words, a fair profit for material, time and effort put into the products available from us.
  • Where low impact materials are not available, to campaign for change and investment to make it possible.
  • If it makes sense to use a third party, we will do so, but we will vet them as far as we are able, to make sure they are ethically aligned with us.



In order to facilitate the campaign for environmental and social change, we will plough 5% of our
profits into contributions to Friends of the Earth, think of it as our R&D budget.
(See our donations page here)





Note on Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting is very much in the news at this time. We will not be subscribing to this practice for the reasons given in the Friends of the Earth report (Click here to read).

We will, however, make the requisite carbon calculations for running the business and add this to the 5% environmental contribution detailed above.




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