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What we offer is best described as a "Brochure" style service. If you are:


  • a small business
  • currently using flyers
  • 2 fold, tri-fold or multi page printed brochures
  • would like to display your products or services to a wider audience
  • include further examples of your work that would be too expensive to print
  • and do this in an environmentally conscientious way,


then we can help.


We currently do not offer the following services, but may do in the future:


  • eShop development (Online shopping, payments etc)
  • Live Data Services
  • Database driven services



Small Brochure

A small brochure is like a pamphlet or an extended flyer. Its a small number of pages, but you can get a lot of information across:


  • Who you are
  • Where you are
  • What you do
  • Examples
  • Price examples, price ranges
  • Contact details
  • Promotions, special offers


A small brochure can be from 1 to 5 Pages in size (we don't limit the length of a page, but we will suggest limits to enhance the user experience). We allow 1 image per page to complement and expand on the text. We will implement a styling that is driven by you and your business, that is both accessible and will develop your professional image on the Web.



Medium Brochure


A medium brochure is an extension of the small brochure. You may need more pages and require more images in order to express the extent of your products and services.

In general a Medium Brochure will contain 6 to 12 Pages, and can have up to 2 images per page.



Product Brochure


A product brochure is a larger, more detailed, site where you will be displaying articles, available products & services and any other information over a greater number of pages.

You may not require an online shop, but you need to detail products that people are able to purchase in person or over the phone etc.

This type of site is not limited by page or image count; it will contain a basic 20 page allocation, with up to 2 images per page. Any pages in excess of this will carry an additional charge.



Support Services


Once you have your finished site, the process doesn't stop there.

Over the lifetime of the site, aspects will change; maybe every few months, may be every few weeks.

Within each package support time will be included, thereafter we will charge by the hour of work completed as required.





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