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The aim at two42 is always to improve on the environmental and social impact of the material we use. This list represents the current status (as of 20th April 2008)



Papers come from a Lake District FSC and PEFC certified mill who source ALL of their pulp from sustainable and managed sources. The paper itself is, as yet, not certifiable as FSC, and we have not been able to source such a product so far, but this continues to be our goal.


small scale vegetable based inks for Art Archival purposes are not currently available; however we do make sure that used cartridges are returned to the manufacture for recycling, and all packaging is recycled.


we are currently migrating towards 100% recycled card.


All new inserts are now 100% recycled paper.


raw material is obtained from sustainable sources but as yet none is certifiable as 100% FSC approved; we continue to try and source such a product.


we are migrating small card envelopes to 100% recycled material. We are looking for a recycled source for the larger envelopes we use.


Small card bags are biodegradable. Large cards and Pictures are not yet biodegradable. We have started using bags that have acid free paper backing and a clear film front. This halves the amount of plastic used but the plastic is still not yet biodegradable.


100 % recycled; they are made from a by-product of the fabric printing industry.


Labels made of 100% recycled material, both the label and the backing paper are made of 100% waste paper and can be recycled again. The adhesive and backing is also solvent-free.


Vegetable oil based (solvent free) non-toxic and biodegradable




Fully FSC Mixed Sources certified have Limited Availability (Updated 14/4/2008)

For this reason we are currently running mixed FSC/non FSC stock. If you require FSC framing, please contact us and we will advise on availability.

We are looking for alternative framing Options.


Printed on 55% silk FSC paper by an FSC “Chain of Custody” holder; the best environmental and social responsibility you can get.


Printed on 100% recycled paper

NOTE: (E) items used at Events


The information given here is correct at the time of publication. Any changes will be published here as soon as possible after the change is confirmed with suppliers.






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