Profile: Stephen R Butler


With an instinctive feel for the beauty of nature Stephen Butler has managed to capture the essence of a subject so often neglected in the day to day rush of modern life. His work embraces the intrinsic spirituality present in the landscape.

Completely self taught, Stephen has spent many years discovering the beauty and power of the microcosm and attempting to convey that through his work. The images on this web site are a small selection of what he considers to be his most exciting and spiritual to date.

Where his journey takes him in the future is, as yet, unknown.



History (in his own words)


I've spent 15 years in technology, the last 10 of them in digital television; writing software, training, advising, researching and designing to name but a few activities. At times its been fun, entertaining, enjoyable, disheartening, miserable, unbelievably stupid and occasionally insightful. A while back though, it just became stagnant, the same old "same old"; entrenched ideas, empire protection, no attention to what was the right thing to do, only the business thing to do.

So, rather abruptly I quit to try something different. To follow my passion for photography and creativity, but in a meaningful way. I've done this not knowing what is possible, or with any great plans, but in a slightly organic way; letting the ideas grow as I've encountered things, people and information; I cannot think of any other way that I could try to make my mark and to change my own view, and that of others.

Somewhere in the recent past some paths have been taken in the western world which have not worked out well for all. Only by each of us taking our own responsibility can we hope to change paths. This is my first stab; it will undoubtedly change as I experience and learn.




Windy Day at Lorbottle II

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