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Web Service - Terms and Conditions (V1.04 Last updated 21/05/2008)

Below are the general terms and conditions which two42 operates under when commissioned for web services.


1) Web site Development:


1.1) Development

A non refundable part payment of the estimate, equal to 10% or £50 which ever is the greater, is required in order to enter into a development agreement. If after early discussions two42 thinks the estimate needs revising, either up or down, two42 will do so within 4 weeks.

As development is conducted remotely, it is expected that both two42 and the customer will respond promptly to queries or requests for information, normally within 5 working days. However, in the initial period of development where ideas are being tested an revised, a faster turnaround is expected otherwise this can considerably increase development time.


1.2) Supplying Material

Updates to web sites should be emailed to: development@two42.com. Text should be supplied as plain text, images as reasonably sized jpg's (>300x300 pixels and < 1200x1200 pixels and under 2MByte in size)


1.3) Sign off

Payment of this invoice is accepted as sign-off of the web site and start of the 1 year "Get you started" hosting and maintenance agreement (if taken). two42.com is not responsible for the content, accuracy or any opinions expressed on your web site. Use of copyrighted, licensed or royalty free material is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and all liability arising from the customers use of said material is the responsibility solely of the customer.


2) Web site Maintenance

Web site maintenance is charged by the hour at the agreed rate. When any period of included maintenance has expired or been used up, further work will be invoiced by the completed hour.


2.1) Standard inclusions

These items are understood to be standard updates and do not require a separate quotation (done on a T&M basis):

  • Spelling/grammar correction, paragraph rewrites, new paragraphs in current pages
  • Image position change/replacement
  • News and events updates
  • Changes to contact Details


2.2) Standard exclusions

These items are understood to be non standard updates and may require a separate quotation at the discretion of two42 (in some circumstances the change may be quite simple and done on a T&M basis as above):

  • Change to Menu structure
  • Complete new pages
  • Changes to site graphics
  • Inclusion of additional services such as advertising
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)


2.3) Updates:

At two42 we offer a best effort service. Standard working hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm, excluding bank holidays and certain other official shutdown days as detailed below.

Please send updates to: updates@two42.com

Please include your domain name in the message title e.g. "Updates for www.two42.com"

Our standard service is not a guaranteed service (this is available at additional cost), however we do strive to meet the following:

2.3.1) Update Request

When an update is request is received by email, we will endeavour to put the changes on your test server within 3 working days. We will email you to confirm the update to allow you to confirm the changes. Any errors will be corrected and reconfirmed by email.

2.3.2) Change Request Approval

When the test server changes are approved, we will endeavour to upload the changes to the live server within 24 hours (subject to availability and access when using your own hosting).

With this in mind, if you are making changes to meet with a particular event, then please prepare them well in advance. We can prepare an update, and then hold off on making it live until closer to the required time


3) Get you Started Hosting Service


3.1) Hosting:

We make a nominal charge for hosting and include 3 hours of maintenance in the first year (subsequent years exclude any free maintenance hours)


When making use of our "Get you started" hosting service, this is provided by a third party and there is no expressed or implied warranty, guarantee of service, compensation agreement or any other service or warranty by two42. However, two42 will endeavour to use a third party hosting provider that guarantees 99.99% availability.


In the case of any disagreement, two42 liability to the customer shall amount to the invoice amount of the service less the maintenance time used by the customer at the rate previously agreed. Any remainder in the cost of hosing will be pro-rated over the number of days used.


4) Official Shutdown Days

At two42 we believe that rest time is important and necessary for the individual and reflects back positively in the day to day running of the business. Therefore we observe the following as standard Company shutdown days:


Bank Holidays

Company shutdown days

As per UK Calendar

31October / 1 November 2007

23 December 2007 - 3 January 2008

31 January 2008

20 March 2008

30/31 April 2008

19 June 2008

30/31 July 2008


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