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Mounted prints use an acid free mount board (or Mat) roughly 6cm (>2") larger on each side than the image (the actual size used depends on the image and is chosen so as to be pleasing on the eye). We use either black or a very subtle off white mount board either of which work well in modern decors. Here is a sample of the same image in black and off white mount board: Black & Off White these images are scaled form a 40 x 30cm mounted print.


The following sizing information applies to mounted prints


  • The overall size of the mount is given (NOT the image) when selecting the size of an image (this is also the size of frame that will be required for framing)
  • The following table provides an approximate guideline using ISO standard paper sizes (mounts are cut to the individual nature of each image and so therefore may vary)
Mount Size (cm)
Approx image Size
20 x 15
25 x 20
30 x 25
40 x 30
50 x 40
  • All mounted images come complete with acid free backing board to protect the image from damage. This means they can be framed "as is"
  • NOTE: Poster prints are NOT mounted, they are a single sheet product and therefore use less materials and are cheaper to produce. The size quoted is the actual size of the poster. Clip frames, where available in the correct size, are an ideal way of mounting these prints.

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