Profile: Anne Shaw Hewitt


I am someone who has always needed to be creative - to make images, to use colour and textures, to create form through a variety of mediums using varied techniques.

On display here are some of my pictures created using encaustic(beeswax) 'painting'. I have recently discovered this medium and find it a fascinating way to explore colour and flow and to find often unexpected details appearing.

I am part of a small rural community living in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales and each day I am able to experience its changing views and landscapes. Using the beauty and clarity of the vibrant beeswax colours the flow of this beautiful landscape is beginning to express itself in the flow of the melting wax.

I find I am following a process of unfolding and growth which I am now able to express through this medium but also through my other love, that of being a creative quilter.

I love the feel of natural fabrics and using traditional techniques, combined with contemplations on this world we share, I am able to create unique stitched pieces that I hope can open many minds.



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